AccurankTracker Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions can be answered via the tutorial page. But if that's not the case, then the following questions and answers might help. If you still have a question that has not been answered in either location, then please feel free to submit a ticket to the help desk.

Is AccurankTracker Mac compatible?
Not currently, but in the future it will likely be.

Is AccurankTracker web-based or desktop-based?
AccurankTracker is a desktop application. Web-based rank trackers are forced to use servers from various locations, which result in inaccurate ranking figures.

Is there a limit on how many websites or keywords I can add to AccurankTracker?
No, we have no limits on anything. You can add as many URL's, keywords and statistics as you like.

Does AccurankTracker support my Country?
Yes, we support all countries. You can add any URL and AccurankTracker will check that URL using the version of Google and Bing's search strings for the country you selected.

Will I have to pay for future versions of AccurankTracker?
Absolutely not. We are very much against forcing people who have already purchased a product to pay MORE money just to get updated versions. We charge a small, one-time fee and that's it! As a paying customer you get all updates as soon as they are available free of charge.

How does AccurankTracker handle Google Places listings?
Google Places Listings are ignored by AccurankTracker, so you can rest assured that it is only checking the true, organic listings. We also have plans to provide google places specific rank tracking..

Does AccurankTracker track YouTube rankings?
Yes, just add the YouTube video URL just like any other website URL and it will track the rankings for your keywords in YouTube.

How "deep" does AccurankTracker check rankings?
Currently it goes to 100 search results (10 pages) but in a future update we will allow the user to set the search depth to whatever they like..